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Four(4) Emerging Reasons Why Men Have Stopped Chasing You As A Woman

Four(4) Emerging Reasons Why Men Have Stopped Chasing You As A Woman

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Have you ever been frustrated by the fact that guys aren’t asking you out on for a date? Or that they’re not pursuing you? Well, my name is I’m Edward Kwabena Mireku, known on the platform as Honey, your dating expert for today. Let’s explore four reasons that men has stopped pursuing you.
The first and biggest reason eventhough it seem a bit obvious is that the man doesn’t see you as a potential romantic relationship partner. This maybe due to the way you dress or even carry yourself. You see, there are three categories that when men meet women, they tend to associate them with.

The first category is just the friendship category. She’s an amazing woman, just a friend. Second category is pure intimacy attraction category and the third category is the combination of the both. An amazing friend that we’re attracted to.

That is a long term relationship potential for us. So if a man for whatever reason doesn’t feel like your long term relationship potential for him, he’s going to stop pursuing you.

Stop chasing you. Now, some women might say, well, I slept with him and we had this great, amazing encounter together.

Well, just so you know for men, relationships and intimacy are not overlapping. You can have amazing encounter with a man doesn’t mean he will want a relationship with you.

Now here’s the good news. If he doesn’t want a relationship with you, that means that there’s somebody even better who’s pursuing you right now.

Maybe you just haven’t met that guy yet. So let this old guy go to create room for this new, more amazing, more spectacular. A man who does want a relationship with you into your life.

Number two is that, you do all the planning without trying to factor any male figure. It’s really important for us as men to feel like we’re the providers and we’re planning with the relationship.

Now, I know what you might be saying. Like, God, I wish men would plan more. Well, oftentimes it’s because the women jump in too soon, take control and start planning. See, for a man to plan, there’s inherent risk.

Are we going to do a good job? Is she going to be happy or not? It’s kind of like a slot machine, right? As we make the plan and we take her out and we’re looking to see, is it gonna pay off? Is it gonna pay off?
That inherent risk translates into attraction and connection that then we associate with you. When we’ve actually done something, we’ve planned it, we’ve taken a risk and it worked because you’ve loved it.

So if you notice, you’re the kind of woman who takes control and always plans, trying to experiment, where you take a step back, create some space for him to lead, plan and as you do, you’re going to notice that he’s going to pursue that relationship even harder.

The third reason that men stop chasing or stop pursuing is because he doesn’t feel like he can actually win. With you as men, we need to know we can win. What does that look like? That means we need to know.

Men mostly think they can provide and make you happy. We can give you what you want. I remember going out with this woman one time in my early 20s, and this woman is beautiful. She’s amazing. And she was telling me some interesting stuffs.

She loves to go out, loves to go to clubs and how she never waits in line and how she hates waiting in line. But she’s the kind of girl and who she knows she can just get right into these clubs.

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