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Celeb News - Entertainment - July 15, 2021

“I don’t know who you are Pastor”- Ayisha Modi

"I don't know who you are Pastor"- Ayisha Modi.

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Ayisha Modi, popularly known as She loves Stonebwoy has poured her heart out to the Pastor that helped Moesha in repenting. The said pastor is known to be Pastor Gabby Ibe who happens to be Victoria Michaels'(a model and an entrepreneur) brother.
According to reports, the said pastor is new Ghana and has been working on establishing his own church here in Accra.
Ayisha Modi posted on her instagram page saying the pastor should leave Moesha alone and that she dares the Pastor to bring Moesha back within 24 hours or else Ghana won’t be able to contain the two of them.
She said in the post that;
“I don’t know who u are pastor and I Ayisha don’t really care who u are. If only u don’t want me to shake Ghana for u to leave our dear sister alone. Pastor Biko don’t let me come live for u. Leave our precious sister to us, if only u don’t want me to tell the world what is going on. Biko respect yourself and bring @moeshaboduong back. I swear to u with my life, This fight is me and u paaaaa. I give u 24 hours to bring Moe back if not Ghana will be too hot for u. Dare me! I have been very quiet 🤐 about a lot of things going on. Don’t let’s us fight this spiritual fight Biko. Noone touches anybody around me I Repeat with so much boldness No one touches anything that belongs to me. If u have ears listen wai. I will fight u spiritually and physical. I give you 24 hours. And listen don’t u ever put a camera on Moe to tell us she is a grown up. Will never let u destroy her. Never”
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